Local Musicians Make a Video to Save Clovis Restaurant

The day after Christmas, Grant Mohler, also known as the Dad of the Metal/Rock scene, received the best holiday gift.

He woke up to a seven-minute video posted on social media from friends expressing their appreciation for him.

“I was literally in tears watching it, I had no idea what they were doing. Just to see everyone’s response and words that they were saying was overwhelming,” said Mohler.

Mohler owns a restaurant called Cravings located in a strip mall on Herndon and Armstrong Avenues in Clovis.

Like many other mom and pop shops, his restaurant was hit hard due to the pandemic.

He had to make some tough life decisions. He moved into his aunt’s house so that he could continue to pay his employees and keep his doors open.

That is the type of guy Mohler is. He puts people before himself according to his friends in the video.

In the past, Mohler would host events at his restaurant for local bands. He has even had the keyboardist of Aerosmith make a visit to the shop as well as other big rock musicians.

Mohler has always done his part in helping to promote local musicians. He is also in a heavy metal Christian band called Crushing the Deceivers.

“They think of me as the dad [because] I’ve been playing music for so long. I always try to support everybody and wear their band shirts,” said Mohler.

Mohler has been the sole owner of Cravings for the past two years. Since, he has redecorated the restaurant with rock band memorabilia and made it a destination for people in the rock music scene.

Knowing that Mohler was having financial difficulties, his friends felt the need to do something to help him out.

Nathan Castaneda put together the video with the help of his girlfriend, Jacqueline Salazar. They asked their musician friends to submit 30-second video clips stating how they each appreciate Mohler.

“I’ve known Grant for at least three years, and since I’ve known him, he’s always been that person to go out of his way for his friends and people that he cares about. He has shown nothing but love and support for everyone when it comes to projects and everyone’s ambition,” said Castaneda.

Not wanting to see his friend suffer through his financial grievances, Castaneda also made a Go Fund Me for Mohler to keep Cravings open.

“It makes my heart full, the fact that I’m able to help his business,” said Castaneda.

After the video was posted to social media, it quickly gained traction having over a thousand views in just a few days and his restaurant has been busier than ever.

To donate to Cravings, visit https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-save-cravings.

Tori Lavon is a Multimedia Journalist from Reedley, California. She received her Bachelor's in Mass Communications and Journalism with an emphasis in Broadcasting from California State University, Fresno. Currently, she is a radio intern at One Putt Broadcasting. On occasion, Tori has the opportunity to be on-air with talent. She is getting her start in media. She has a passion for reporting, photography, and videography. Tori also has a love for art; she loves to draw, paint, and does pottery on the side. One day she hopes she can be on-air talent at a radio station as well.