Let’s Talk Clovis: 1949 Annual Clovis Horse Show and Festival Asso. Annual Rodeo Program

“1949 Annual Clovis Horse Show and Festival Asso. Annual Rodeo” program. (Courtesy of the Clovis Museum)

Clovis is still identified as a “cowboy” town. That reputation is sustained by the successful annual Clovis Rodeo 105 years (closed this year due to pandemic). We are sharing information that was provided by their 1949 program regarding the Rodeo parade held in “Old Town”.  Our City population, 2,700.

The program greeting was by Clovis Mayor Wayne Rall (owner of Ford Sales and Service at 611 Clovis Ave.), Joe T. Moore, President, Howard Pennington, Secretary and Lew Fortune, Treasurer. Harvey Moore chaired the Program Committee, Frank Heath (Principal of Clovis High) chaired the Parade Committee and Walt Knight chaired the Race Committee.

The program identified the Clovis Rodeo parade entries. We are sharing portions of the eight division entries. Notice the number of bands (12) and entries from surrounding cities and that the Clovis City Council was a “mounted entry”.

Division 1 (formed at 3rd & Hughes): Grand Marshall “Pop” Riley and Honorary Grand Marshall, Frank Drury (1852-1953, “Grand Old Man of Clovis), Clovis High band, Tranquility High band, and Fresno County Board of Supervisors.

Division II (formed Baron south of Third facing north): Mounted group Clovis City Council, riders Mart and Mike Mouliot, Parlier High band, Sanger High band and riders Carl and Eva Osterberg.

Division III (formed Baron south of 4th facing north): Division leaders Suzanne MacLaglen (wife of movie  star Victor who owned the Balfe ranch) and Travis Pendergrass (owner of the Clovis Drug Store), Selma High band, Reedley Elementary band, riders Virginia and Charleen Imperatrice and Scout Troop 88, Orange Cove.

Division IV (formed Baron north of 3rd facing south): Clovis Woman’s Club (founded 1914), Hanford High band, Pinedale Chamber of Commerce, Clovis Y.M.A. and Sons of Italy.

Division V (formed Osmun south of 3rd facing north): Division leaders Mr. and Mrs. Rae Crabtree, Sierra High band, U.S. Army (decorated car), Auberry Elementary band and Easterby Rancho riders.

Division VI (formed along tracks north of 3rd facing south on road to Superior-Academy Granite Co. (future site of Clovis Senior Center and  Clovis Library): Coalinga High band, Friant Teen-Age Club, Fresno Bit and Spur Club, Chowchilla High band, Selma Roller Rink and Temperance 4-H Club.

Division VII (formed Osmun north of 3rd facing south):  Merced High band, Fowler-Selma Saddle Club, Willis F. Ball (commercial/novelty entries), Centennial Float, Joe Malio, Jefferson 4-H, Madera Frontier and Fresno County Library.

Division VIII (formed Hughes south of 3rd facing north): Caruthers High band, mounted groups and late entries.

The Clovis Rodeo Association thanked the following donors: The City of Clovis, Mrs. Glenn Riggs, Andy’s restaurant, White Front Café, Uncle Primo’s Café and Clovis Rendezvous.

They also thanked the following solicitors of advertisements: Gordon Baird, Ernie Beier, Earl Cate, Ollie Davis, Alvie Maze (Constable 1946-1967), Harvey Moore, Bill Rhode, Pete Siramarco and Johnnie Weldon (Clovis Mayor, 1956-1959).

Advertisements: Carmel Saddlery, Carl Melikian, Prop., 748 Broadway, Fresno: “Carmel saddles are a cowboy’s comfort and pleasure to ride, all guaranteed not to hurt the horse’s back nor the riders”. Clovis supporters of the saddle: Clyde Houk, Fred Biglione and Claude Biglione.

Tup’s Dress Shop, 518 5th; Riley’s Insurance Agency, 519 5th; Clovis Food Lockers, 524 5th; Penny Pennington,  530 5th;  Clovis Ambulance, 602 5th; The Casino, 612 5th; Trailer Diner, 624 5th  ; Whiton’s Cyclery 639 5th; and Dean & Dave’s Malt Shop, taxi, SE 5th and Pollasky.

Smitty’s Café, 442 Clovis Ave.; Gage Drug store, 492 Clovis Ave.; Butane Propane Supply Co., 474 Clovis Ave.; General Machine Shop, 518 Clovis Ave.; Hallowell Chevrolet Co., 330 Clovis Ave,;  Buy-Rite Market, 604 Clovis Ave.;   C & M Liquor, 610 Clovis Ave.; Wayne Rall Ford Sales, 611 Clovis Ave.

A.T. “Ollie” Davis Realtor, 346 Pollasky; Colony Clothing Dept. Store & Beauty Shop, 414 Pollasky; Clovis Independent, 435 Pollasky; Mart’s General Merchandise, NW 5th & Pollasky; Clovis Park Inn, SW Clovis & 5th and Thelma’s Beauty Shop, 530 Pollasky.

The Clovis Rodeo Association, the 1949 merchants of “Old Town” and the parade entries are part of our rich heritage.

Peg Bos
Peg Bos is the president of the Clovis Museum on 4th and Pollasky avenues in Old Town Clovis. She not only manages the museum but she also writes her Let's Talk Clovis column in our publication which features and highlight the amazing history of our city and culture. One fun fact about Peg Bos, she was the first female mayor of Clovis from 1984-86.