Jodie Simpson Everett Named Grand Marshal of 103rd Clovis Rodeo

Jodie Simpson Everett, the 103rd Clovis Rodeo Grand Marshall. (Contributed photo)

Jodie Simpson Everett has been named Grand Marshal for the 103rd annual Clovis Rodeo taking place April 27-30.

Simpson Everett follows in the footsteps of her father, rancher Edwin W. Simpson, who was honored as Clovis Rodeo Grand Marshal in 1956

“We are very proud of her and all that she has accomplished. It is a lifetime achievement award,” said Cammy Barazani, Simpson’s daughter. “It is a combination of all her historical involvement with Clovis and her western way of life.”

Simpson Everett said she is honored she was selected to be Grand Marshal being that her roots are here in Clovis. Growing up, she lived a cowgirl life as both her father and grandfather were active cattlemen. In 1852, Simpson Everett’s great grandfather John Greenup Simpson, Sr. would eventually own 7000 acres after arriving in the big Dry Creek (now referred to as Academy off Highway 168), which was the foundation and beginning of the City of Clovis.   

“She is very deserving and I am delighted she has been selected,” said Peg Bos, President of Clovis Museum. “She’s carries the tradition of a cowboy, she is very loyal, very intelligent and she’s always given a lot to the community. She honors the past, which makes for a greater future by doing that.”

It was her great grandfather who donated land for the historic Methodist Episcopal Church (the oldest church in Fresno County), which still exist today. Since Simpson Everett has been very active in the church, not only as a way of obtaining her great grandfather’s legacy, but also to show her involvement and dedication to Clovis.

“Her history goes way back and it is significant in terms of being a rancher, but also supporting the Methodist Church,” Bos said.

Simpson Everett will be active during weekend but you can catch her the evening of April 27 where many of her fellow cowboys, cowgirls, family along with the Clovis Community will be “tipping off their hats” to her, as she will be introduced and honored as the 103rd Clovis Rodeo Grand Marshal.

“She lives now next to myself and my family in Sherman Oaks,” Barazani said. “But Clovis will always be No. 1 in her heart and she will always love Clovis.”