Incident at Clovis East High leads to altercation between a campus officer and a student

A screenshot from a video shows a Clovis East student being detained by a campus officer following an altercation between two other students. (Courtesy of @y6neth/twitter)

A video surfaced on social media Wednesday, Feb. 6, showing a freshman student at Clovis East High School being taken down by a campus officer during lunch time.

The incident occurred after campus officers were called to break up a potential fight between students.

Clovis Unified Chief Communications Officer, Kelly Avants, released a statement regarding the incident:

“Campus officers on duty at the school responded to a report of escalating tension between two student groups. The officers were able to proactively address the issue without further escalation. However, in the course of peacefully resolving the incident, an observing student became very agitated and aggressive toward the officers and their vehicle.

Officers’ attempts to calm the student and de-escalate the situation failed. It was only at that time that, and out of concern for the student’s own safety and the safety of the other students present, one of the two responding officers took the student to the ground.”

The campus officer involved in the incident remains off-duty until a thorough investigation is completed by the Clovis Unified School District.