How to Increase Your Credit & Debit Card Security

Mobile Banking allows you to do all your banking on your smart phone or tablet. (Photo Courtesy of vadymvdrobot/Envato Elements)

What would happen if someone got hold of your debit and credit cards?

It happens every day. Credit and debit card numbers end up with someone you don’t know, and they use them to make unauthorized purchases that zoom your balance to the max.

How secure are your debit and credit cards?  To increase your peace of mind, you can increase the security of your cards. Download, install, and use card protection apps and mobile wallet pay apps such as ApplePay or SamsungPay.  The security is built-in.

With the wallet apps on your mobile device, you can upload your credit and debit cards to the app. Then at a point of purchase that accepts wallet pay transactions, you simply place your phone near the store’s payment device – the two machines will connect and complete the financial transaction for you. During the transaction with a mobile wallet app, card information is not transmitted during the transaction; instead, a one-time unique code is transferred, thereby keeping your card information out of the entire process and more secure.

CardValet® (a card protection app available to Noble Credit Union members) is a free app that you customize to “carry” your debit and/or credit cards.  CardValet allows you real-time management and protection of your debit and credit cards from your mobile device.

Here’s more of what you can do with amazing apps such as this:

Turn your cards on and off. You can disable a lost or stolen card. Turn your card off and no withdrawals or purchases can be made by anyone.

Receive transaction alerts. Every time your cards are used, whether the transaction is done by you or anyone else, you’ll be alerted immediately on your device.  If you receive an alert for a transaction that wasn’t yours, you can immediately turn off your card, stopping thieves in their tracks.

Set spending limits on your cards. Monitor what spending is for, such as gas, hotel, travel, restaurants, or groceries.

CardValet and mobile wallet apps are some of the advanced electronic financial management tools available to help keep your card information secure.  Best of all, like CardValet, these apps are typically available at no cost.

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