Holiday Spirit Alive In Clovis

Tarah Welbourne (center) witnessed the theft and was able to rally together friends and family on social media to help the young victim. (Courtesy of Clovis PD)

Last night at a shopping center in Clovis, a young Clovis resident had his bicycle stolen.

Tarah Welbourne, another community member and shopper at the center, witnessed the theft and the young victim’s reaction. Welbourne reacted fast, posting to her personal Facebook account asking for donations from her social network.

In less than 30 minutes, Welbourne’s friends and even complete strangers who saw the post had accumulated enough donations to replace the bicycle, and even buy him a bicycle lock to prevent this from happening again.

A police report was taken at the time of the theft, and the Clovis Police Department is reviewing surveillance footage from the store in an attempt to get more information on a suspect.

The actions taken by Welbourne, the people who donated, Clovis Bicycle Company and the Clovis Police Department demonstrate how a community can rally together to help someone in need.