Grinches Steal from Candy Cane Lane

Candy Cane Lane (Photo Ron Sundquist CR)

Candy Cane Lane has become a victim of the latest trend of thefts in the Central Valley.

Thieves ripped out a polar bear blowup decoration on Monday night, Dec 6th. All that was left from the decoration was the stakes.

Thieves hit a few other neighboring houses during this month as well. 

Last Friday evening, homeowner Glenn Harvey stated a noise woke him and his wife up when thieves were stealing their candy cane decorations. Surveillance cameras show the thief walking up to their house, grabbing the candy canes, and running off.

By the time Harvey could get out of his front door, the thieves were gone with the decoration. To replace the candy canes, Harvey and his wife put up a sign informing people who pass by that the decoration was stolen.

Clovis Police are recommending that expensive decorations should be taken down every night to prevent this from happening. 

In addition, Clovis PD will be keeping a close eye on the neighborhood attraction. Clovis Sgt. Jim Koch stated how police will make sure this doesn’t occur again.

We’re actually trying to get a few more patrols up in that area during those peak hours,” Koch said. “The times when we think the items are being taken.”

Police say these crimes are misdemeanors, however they are working to ensure residents in Candy Cane Lane can keep their lights on for people to see their holiday spirit. 

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