Graduating senior reflects on his senior year

John Stevens (#55) stands with his teammates during a recent football game. PHOTO COURTESY OF CLOVIS EAST FOOTBALL

Clovis East High School recently held their senior farewell rally. At the event, seniors held up signs that had their name and their college selection.

With their upcoming graduation, Clovis Roundup took the time to interview one of Clovis East’s graduating seniors: John Stevens.

Stevens spoke about some of his favorite moments: “Some of my favorite moments came from playing for the school’s football team as a lineman. And, some of my other favorite moments came from my friends that I made, the events that I attended, and the teachers that I got to know during my four years at Clovis East. One of favorites was watching the valley championship volleyball game. Even though Clovis East lost, it was still really cool to see our team make it so far.”

He even dished some advice for upcoming seniors. Specifically, Stevens stated, “For future seniors, don’t slack off. It’s your last year of high school and you should really make the best of it. Go to events and participate in clubs…And, for senior athletes: focus on trying your best, and make sure to embrace the good things that come from your sport.”

When Stevens starts his college years this coming fall, he looks forward to meeting new people, getting to know what “college life” is like, and simply immersing himself in the new environment.

Most importantly, the graduating senior expressed that he was grateful for his experience at Clovis East; “I really enjoyed the ag classes I took throughout middle school and high school…I’ll really miss my teachers and my counselors. They were always ready to help whenever I needed it, and they are some of the most caring people I’ve ever met.”

Stevens will be attending Fresno State in the fall.