Fresno County Issues New Face Mask Recommendations

Fresno County Department of Public Health issues new orders which recommends residents to wear face masks when social distancing cannot be maintained. (Courtesy of amazingmikeal/Envato Elements)

Fresno County has issued a new order starting Friday, May 22, recommending residents to wear face masks when physical distancing cannot be maintained.

Meaning, if a person is not able to maintain social distancing when out in public, such as: while at work, shopping, or when in contact with another person other than a family member; the person must wear a face mask or face covering.

The new order is in compliance with the CDC guidelines in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The order also states that people with underlying health conditions are not required to wear face masks but must still comply to the social distancing measures. Children 12 or under are exempted from this order.

To read the full order by the Fresno County Public Health Department, click here.