Free Self Defense classes for women offered in Clovis

Once a month, California Bujinkan Dojo in Clovis is offering Free Self Defense classes to women starting June 25. (Photo Contributed by California Bujinkan Dojo)

If you are a woman who has ever wanted to learn about self-defense, the perfect opportunity is right at hand.

Beginning this month, California Bujinkan Dojo –– “Dojo” is a Japanese word to describe a room or school where martial arts are practiced –– is offering free defense courses to women of the Central Valley. The classes will be held on the last Tuesday of each month, 7 p.m. – 8 p.m., at their location, 1044 San Jose Ave. Suite 101 Clovis, CA 93612. The first class is scheduled for Tues., June 25.

“We want to help promote a sense of safety in the community,” says owner and instructor, Jeff Sterling. “A safe community is a community that is safe. We teach traditional Japanese martial arts training based on ethical senses and our responsibilities to each other. We like everyone to feel they’ve done everything they can without resorting to physical action. We want to provide a sense of safety in our community.”

The course is made up of successive classes that deal with personal protection and awareness. Among other things, students learn techniques that emphasize the ethical use of space and natural body dynamics to protect themselves and others, plus protection in real-life situations and against a variety of weapons.

Instructors have over 30 years experience of defensive training and expertise in a variety of areas including self-defense, protecting others and firearm safety. Sterling has studied in several cities, including San Francisco and Chicago. He has taught self-defense in Clovis since 2007.

“Classes are an ongoing series, always a little different, structured with an opportunity to address other items,” says Sterling.

Interested? Just sign up online at  Attire for the class is workout wear; mat work is done barefoot or in socks. For questions, call 559-978-0829.