Former Clovis standouts picked in the 2019 MLB Draft

Karson Simas (INF) was one of two high school players chosen in the 2019 MLB Draft out of Clovis. Simas was picked in the 25th round by the Boston Red Sox. PHOTO COURTESY OF CLOVIS WEST BASEBALL

There were 17 players taken from the Central Valley in the 2019 MLB First-Year Player Draft. From current Fresno State Bulldogs and Fresno City Rams to current and former Clovis standouts around the country, the TRAC had almost 10 players drafted in the first 25 rounds.

From the Clovis area, there were nine draftees, including current seniors, Darrien Miller (Clovis) and Karson Simas (Clovis West).

Three players came from Buchanan; Grant Gambrell (Kansas City Royals), Zach Ashford (New York Mets) and J.T. Arruda (Washington Nationals). Clovis High School had four draftees; Tevin Mitchell (Miami Marlins), McCarthy Tatum (Philadelphia Phillies), senior Darrien Miller (Milwaukee Brewers) and former Fresno City Ram and Cougar Chet Allison (Los Angeles Dodgers).

Clovis North had one of their own, Matthew Frazier (Pittsburgh Pirates) who played college baseball at Arizona and Simas who was drafted by the Boston Red Sox.

Round 3 Pick #80 – Kansas City Royals: Grant Gambrell #22 RHP – Oregon State/Buchanan

Round 3 Pick #95 – Pittsburgh Pirates: Matthew Frazier #22 OF – Arizona/Clovis North

Round 6 Pick #178 – New York Mets: Zach Ashford #32 OF – Fresno State/Buchanan

Round 8 Pick #231 – Miami Marlins: Tevin Mitchell #6 OF – UC Santa Barbara/Clovis High

Round 8 Pick #233 – San Diego Padres – Andrew Mitchel P – Fresno City

Round 9  Pick #281 – Los Angeles Dodgers: Alec Gamboa #34 LHP – Fresno City/Madera

Round 9  Pick #283 – Milwaukee Brewers: Darrien Miller #29 C – Clovis High

Round 10 Pick #130 – Philadelphia Phillies: McCarthy Tatum #14 INF – Fresno State/Clovis High

Round 11 Pick #333 – Washington Nationals: J.T. Arruda #7 INF – Fresno State/Buchanan

Round 24  Pick #731 – Los Angeles Dodgers: Chet Allison #25 OF – Fresno City/Clovis High

Round 25  Pick #767 – Boston Red Sox: Karson Simas #7 INF – Clovis West

Round 39 Pick #1174 – Pittsburgh Pirates: Daniel Ross RHP – Millersville University/Fresno City

Nugesse Ghebrendrias
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