Food Review: Bottleneck Bistro

Bottleneck Bistro’s BLT with a side of fries. (Clovis Roundup file photo)

Are you looking to satisfy your burger craving? Take your craving to Old Town Clovis and try Bottleneck Bistro.

The local restaurant offers a variety of options on their menu –– salads, a range of appetizers that include mac and cheese balls and chicken strips, sandwiches, burgers, and fish and chips. Clovis Roundup recently visited the bistro.

We went with chips and dip for the appetizer; the dip included pico de gallo and guac (an extra $2 fee). Between the two dip selections, the guacamole was favored a bit more. It was fresh, there were subtle avocado chunks mixed in, and the flavor simply paired well with the chips. The pico de gallo was also tateful, and if you’re someone who prefers non-spicy dip, this pico de gallo is for you. If you prefer something spicier, simply ask for extra jalapeños.

When it came to the main courses, we opted for the Western burger, a veggie burger, and a BLT, each order coming with a side of fries. For meat lovers, the Western is a prime option (or the bistro’s Carolina style pulled pork burger). The patty was cooked just right at medium well, the cheese and bacon portions were just the right amount, and the onions were delicious. It was a perfect, classic Western burger that proved to be filling. Likewise, the veggie burger was delectable. While there was not much sauce in the burger, the patty definitely made up for the flavor. And, honestly, the veggie burger was consumed so quickly that there wasn’t enough time to dwell on all the other elements that contributed to its overall enjoyable taste.

Bottleneck Bistro’s BLT is a top option for sandwich lovers. A highlight of the sandwich was the bacon. Sometimes you come across a BLT and the bacon can either be too crisp or undercooked. The bistro’s bacon was just right –– not too crispy, with each bite delivering a subtle crunchy and smoky, salty taste. The lettuce and tomatoes complimented the bacon well, the overall outcome a solid BLT.

Next time you’re looking for a lunch spot that has a solid list of American lunch fare, just head to Bottleneck Bistro.