A Couple’s Review of Crated with Love

Photo by Caitie Reeg/Clovis Roundup

By Caitie Reeg | GFC Founder

I consider myself one of the lucky ones to have a sweetheart this Valentine’s season. For those of you in this category with me, you may find yourselves at a loss for what to do with your significant other on date night or even for this upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday. If you’re looking for something new to try on date night or you’re wanting to make time for bonding with your partner, then Crated with Love might be just the right service for you.

Crated with Love is a monthly subscription box dedicated to bringing both new and timeworn couples together by aiming to provide a date night in a box. The box is mailed directly to the subscriber and comes with a new theme every month. Inside the box you will find 4 to 5 games or activities designed to build romance and provide moments to grow closer as a couple, and everything you need to complete the activities is included.

My S.O. and I dedicated one of our date nights to trying this box and here was our experience.

Once we opened the box, I remember giving out a sigh of relief that nothing jumped out as cheesy. You never quite know what to expect with these types of products targeted at couples. I enjoyed the overall appearance and whimsy of the box.

Our first activity was called “The Tumble Man Race” and we had to take our sticky-man action figures over to our sliding glass door and race them. The first one to make the trip down the window/door won. My S.O. won, so as the loser I then had to take his hand in mine and name five reasons why I’m “stuck on” him. Since I felt put on the spot, my answers were slow to come but once I got through all five we did find ourselves feeling closer together and that oh so elusive spark of romance filled my heart

There were three more activities included in which we faced off against each other and were told to keep score. The whole score-keeping part didn’t work great for us because my partner is very competitive and tends to go overboard in these situations. But we made it through with little bloodshed by the end and a better understanding of each other.

All in all, we enjoyed the activities and having a night where the pressure was off to come up with something to do. But you’re not left with nothing once you finish all the activities. Included in our box was a recipe for Beetroot Hummus meant to inspire another date night and some “Sticky Quotes,” which are cute little sticky notes you can leave around the house for your S.O. to find. What a great way to let your partner know you are thinking about and value them.

We had a good experience with the Crated with Love date night box and we hope that other couples will too. So the next time you find yourselves debating whether to watch Netflix and get “the regular” from your go-to take-out place or go to the pool hall for the third time this week, consider switching it up with a Crated with Love box delivered right to your door.