CVMD Hosts AUSA Sounds of Freedom Salute to Armed Forces Concert

May 24, 2023 – In honor of Armed Forces Day, falling on May 20th this year, the Clovis Veterans Memorial District held their annual Sounds of Freedom Salute to Armed Forces Concert in their Liberty Ballroom.

This concert was designed with the intention of saluting all branches of the military and celebrating them much as Armed Forces Day is intended to do.

The concert was free to the public and included some of the regular performers at the CVMD in addition to some “special guests” as the Memorial District calls them.

The Fresno Opera Association was one of those guests and helped perform songs such as “A Century of Service”, and “Who’s Who in Navy Blue”.

In addition to the Fresno Opera Association, the Sounds of Freedom Band performed alongside in the concert, where flutes, trombones, and even a bassoon could all be heard in their patriotic and symbolic forms.

Under the direction of both Director Monte C. Gmur and Assistant Director Niko Morales, the Sounds of Freedom Band helped perform selections such as “The Ballad of the Green Berets”, and the “U.S. Military Medley”.

Soloists, including KMPH-Fox 26’s own Monty Torres were scattered throughout the performance, giving spectators sights and sounds to remember. Monty Torres performed a solo in the song “Over There”, originally written and performed by George M. Cohan MS.

The CVMD states, “We appreciate the dedication of your time, energy and talents as you honor those who have served and are still serving.”

Of course, this event was a prelude of sorts to the events to come by way of Memorial Day Weekend.

Memorial Day weekend is the premier weekend of the Clovis Veterans Memorial District, as they plan for live music, outside activities, military documentaries, in addition to their annual Memorial Day Patriotic Concert held at 11 AM in their Liberty Ballroom.

The Clovis Veterans Memorial District is looking for help in the form of volunteers for Monday May 29th. These volunteers would help prepare for the Memorial Day event.

To view a recording of the Salute to the Armed Forces Concert, you can follow the link below:

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