Clovis Unified’s Reyburn Intermediate School receives California Exemplary Arts Education Award!

Rayburn Advanced Drama

January 27, 2023: The California Department of Education presents the awards to recognize school-based programs that demonstrate a commitment to equity and provide all students access to standards-aligned arts education.

 This week’s announcement by State Superintendent Tony Thurmond of the 2023 honorees affirms the amazing effort of our Reyburn team to support the visual and performing arts and make them available for ALL students to experience. Of special note is the collaborative programs between Reyburn’s special education and drama departments that provide students with inclusion and mentoring opportunities.

Reyburn Intermediate provides students with a multitude of opportunities to get involved in the Arts. All students can participate invisual arts, including art, ceramics, instrumental music with band, orchestra and color guard; and performing arts, including choir, drama and dance. These courses are offered to all students with large participation from our Special Education and English Learner sub-groups.

Reyburn is also happy to offer a collaborative mentoring section of Drama, where students have the opportunity to partner with our Autism program and provide students in that program experiences in the performing arts. This partnership teaches mentoring and collaboration skills to all students involved.

Reyburn’s visual and performing arts are available to all students. With many disciplines within the department structured with different level courses, there is an opportunity for any student with any skill level to join the program and succeed. In addition, the collaboration between our Special Education and Drama departments provides an unparalleled, inclusive, mentoring opportunity.


“The California Exemplary Arts Award validates the ongoing effort of our teachers and staff to provide every opportunity possible for our students to access a high-quality education in Art. While many districts and communities fight to save their art programs, Clovis Unified School District and Reyburn Intermediate School have consistently invested in the arts so students may explore new opportunities.”

“Our teachers welcome all students with a variety of abilities and help each student feel like an artist while they develop their skills. This award is a tribute to a collective effort of dedicated educators, and we are thrilled to be one of only 19 schools in the state to be honored.” 


“The goal of Reyburn Intermediate’s Visual and Performing Arts department aligns with Clovis Unified School District’s Sparthenian concept of “Mind, Body and Spirit.” Students have the opportunity to develop a diverse set of artistic skills, express themselves through multiple mediums, and connect with their peers and community during their time at Reyburn Intermediate.

“Reyburn prides itself on providing students with the skills and opportunities to further their future in the arts, both at Clovis East High School and beyond.”

“Reyburn Intermediate follows Clovis Unified School District’s commitment to doing things First Class. From building school and area spirit with its elementary schools through performance tours and articulation nights, to providing a rigorous and equitable learning environment where ALL students can be successful, the Visual and Performing Arts program meets and exceeds the high standards set forth by themselves, CUSD, and their community.”