Clovis Tax Proposal Listed as Measure B

Recently, the City of Clovis officially had their plan to fund the Police Department listed on the November ballot as “Measure B”. The tax measure does not come out of the pockets of Clovis residents however, it will only affect the Clovis hotels and motels as these businesses will see a 2% increase for their customers’ rates.

The 2% increase is to the Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) is expected to bring in about $500,000 of revenue for the Police Department and more specifically to hire more police officers.

The 2% increase was recommended to the City Council by the Citizens Advisory Committee back in April of this year, when they were tasked with the issue of how to further fund the Police Department after Chief Curt Fleming addressed the City Council in November of last year.

The City of Clovis recognizes that a no vote on Measure B would mean that the Transient Occupancy Tax, affecting patrons of hotels and motels in Clovis, would remain at 10% and there would be no further funding of the Police Department in Clovis.

In order to pass, Measure B must receive a yes vote by a majority of voters, 50% plus one vote.

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