Clovis golfer gets $6,000 scholarship

Clovis native Michaela Cain pictured with Youth on Course President Bill Hammonds. (Photo courtesy of Youth on Course)

By Tomas Kassahun | Reporter

Clovis native Michaela Cain was a junior-high school student when her grandfather took her golfing for the first time. Although she struggled at first, Cain’s passion for golf was there from the very beginning.

“I’m a very competitive person. I never felt like giving up,” Cain said. “I always wanted to win. I always wanted to get better because I just don’t like being bad at things. I just wanted to be better than everyone.”

With her determination to keep getting better, Cain ended her seventh grade year with a fifth-place finish in the area tournament. She not only beat all of the girls on her team, but also tied the best eighth-grade girl from her school.

As a sophomore in high school, Cain decided that she wanted to leave her traditional school and dedicate more time to golf. So she left Clovis High School and began to attend National University Virtual High School, allowing her to get school work done while practicing golf 4-6 hours per day.

Now, Cain’s hard work on the course has led to a $6,000 scholarship by Youth on Course, a golf-based foundation.

“I know that there are not many people who got the scholarship, so I’m very thankful,” Cain said.

With her scholarship secured, Cain is eager to start golfing in the fall at Point Loma Nazarene in San Diego.

“I’m going to play in college, which I’m really looking forward to,” Cain said. “And I’m going to major in nursing, so I plan to play and get my nursing degree and maybe go to medical school from there.” 

Having played soccer for 11 years, Cain was already a hard worker before she set foot on the golf course. With golf, however, she learned to take her work ethic to yet another level.

“Golf is a different world because it’s very technical,” Cain said. “You can’t just practice two hours a day for a couple of days a week. It’s every day, six, seven hours a day.”

In addition to her grandfather, Cain credits her coach Mike Schy, who has been working with her since high school.

“My freshman year I started working [with Schy],” Cain said. “Without him, I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today. I don’t know if I would even be still playing. He taught me everything I know.”

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