Clovis General Municipal Elections – Karey Cha, City Clerk

(Photo contributed by Chad Collum) Karey Cha, City Clerk

November 22, 2023 – It is my pleasure to serve as the City Clerk for the City of Clovis. I am often asked what the role of the City Clerk is, and to provide just a brief overview, the primary responsibilities of a City Clerk include administering democratic processes such as elections, access to city records, and all legislative actions ensuring transparency to the public.

As the elections official, it is my responsibility to conduct the entire election process in partnership with the Fresno County Elections Office.

In the City of Clovis, Clovis voters elect a 5-member council to serve at-large as the City’s legislative and governing body – this means that the Councilmembers represent the entire city.

The members of the Council serve 4-year terms, and at each election, they elect one member to serve as Mayor and one to serve as Mayor Pro Tem for two years.

A general municipal election is held every two years, alternating between two and three positions each cycle. The last election in November 2022 was held for for three seats and the next election in November 2024 will be for two seats.

Local government represents a special level of government that has the most direct impact on people’s lives on a day-to-day basis. The right to vote has been hard-fought, with historical restrictions on women, minorities, and non-landowners. Through your efforts, you’ve earned the privilege to engage in the civic process.

I encourage you to exercise your right as a voter because it is crucial for a functioning democracy and to ensure an opportunity for you to voice your opinions and shape the direction of our community.

To register to vote, you must be:

  • A United States citizen
  • A resident of California
  • 18 years of age or older on Election Day
  • Not currently serving a state or federal prison term for the conviction of a felony
  • Not currently found mentally incompetent to vote by a court

* To vote for the Clovis City Council and any Clovis-specific ballot measures, you must live within the Clovis city limits.

How to register to vote:

You can register to vote online at or complete a paper application and submit it to the Fresno County Clerk/Registrar of Voters. You will receive a notice in the mail from the Fresno County Elections Office to confirm your registration.

When to register to vote:

While you may register to vote at any time, you must register at least 15 days before an Election Day to be eligible to vote in that election. If you become a U.S. citizen after the registration after the registration deadline, you may still register and vote by going to the Fresno County Elections Office.

You must give the Fresno County Elections Office proof of citizenship and declare that you have established residency in California. If you missed the registration deadline, you can conditionally register to vote and vote.

Visit or contact the Fresno County Elections Office for more information. Re-register to vote you change your name, address, or political party preference.

Ways to vote:

  • Vote by mail or drop box: County elections officials will mail vote-by-mail ballots to all active registered voters. Your voted ballot must be postmarked on or before Election Day and received by your county elections office no later than seven days after Election Day. You may also deliver your voted ballot to your county elections office, any polling place or vote center, or any ballot drop-off location before 8:00 p.m. on Election Day.


  • In Person: Vote in person at vote center. If you want to vote in person, you must turn in your vote-by-mail ballot or you may be required to vote a provisional ballot.