Clovis Community College Summer Enrollment Up

(Clovis Community College)

Clovis Community College has reported a 45 percent increase in enrollment for this summer compared to last summer.

Opened to all current and new students, the college offered three summer sessions and 176 different classes. All courses were completely online.

A total enrollment of 4,702 students with 837 of them, having never taken a class with the State Center Community College District (SCCCD) before.

“We planned accordingly and regularly monitored registration numbers and added classes as the demand grew. Student success is our focus at Clovis Community College and, in addition to the online classes, we continue to offer all student support services online, such as the Tutorial Center, Financial Aid and Psychological services.  We are here to serve our students and thank them for choosing Clovis Community College,” Stephanie Babb, Director of Marketing & Communications, Clovis Community College.

Clovis Community College is currently preparing for the upcoming school year with their Virtual Extreme Registration event that will be taking place Monday, Aug. 10.

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