Clovis-Area Schools getting renovation update

The new snack bar at Jefferson Elementary will be a place for snacks, but also hold the athletic equipment for the Jefferson sports department. PHOTO BY NUGESSE GHEBRENDRIAS/CLOVIS ROUNDUP

While the kids have been enjoying their summer off, men and women with the Clovis Unified School District have been hard at work. 

At both Jefferson (1880 Fowler Ave, Clovis, CA 93611) and Cole elementary (615 W Stuart Ave, Clovis, CA 93612), new construction projects have been underway that should wrap up within the next month or so. 


The new Jefferson snack bar will be moved closer to the interior to the campus and it will also store serve as storage for the school’s athletic gear. 

“Jefferson had a snack bar, but it was far removed from the school. On the weekends, sometimes, the principal would come in on a Monday morning and would see homeless people sleeping out there,” Denver Stairs said. “We wanted to eliminate any type of need or cause for anything like that, so we took the existing snack bar and demolished it and brought the snack bar in closer to the campus, while adding our athletic storage to the new snack bar. 

“It’s all under one roof and it helps the kids getting equipment from just one spot.”

The construction project cost around $2 million and will be ready by the end of August, right in time for school. 


At Cole elementary, the district is renovating the Multi Purpose Room (MPR) and the project should be done soon. 

“At Cole, we did a modernization to the MPR building. We added 200 square feet and another bathroom,” Stairs said. “We are also adding a new amphitheater, they didn’t have that so we are going to install one on campus.” 

Both projects are based on the facilities needs audit, which was conducted in the district. 

It created a set of facility standards that all schools in the district are compared to. So, the district makes changes and approves projects in order to keep all CUSD schools up to the same standard.

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