Clovis Animal Services Reports Decrease in Stray Animals

(Courtesy of AnnaStillz/Envato Elements)

Clovis Animal Services (CAS) has seen a 40 percent decrease in the number of stray animals that are in need of temporary shelter and care, a news release from the organization said.

CAS is now calling on the community to help sustain this incredible trend and work together to achieve a new vision that it calls Building A Model Community for Animal Care.

The organization says that Clovis community members have taken great initiative to help keep their pets from getting loose and running away, and have also helped foster homeless pets in need and reunite lost pets with their owners.

In the hopes of continuing this trend, CAS is calling on the community to take steps such as vaccinating and spaying or neutering pets, fixing broken fence boards, buying leashes and collars for walks, microchipping pets and socializing them with other pets and people.

CAS also says to network with neighbors to find lost animals and seek resources and guidance from animal professionals when needed. 

“As owners and friends of animals, we all know that animals that belong in homes, not shelters,” said Erin Ford-Horio, a CAS supervisor. “Together, we can be proactive, prevention-oriented and responsive community for our pets. Together, we can build a model community for animal care.”

Michael Ford
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