City of Clovis to Cut Watering

Photo City of Clovis

The City of Clovis is attempting to take steps to conserve water in accordance with new water conservation regulations by the California State Water Board. 

For more information on the regulations handed down by the state you can follow their link to their homepage at California Water Boards or the following links:

Recently, the California State Water Board sent down regulations in order to conserve water that prohibited the watering of grass used by businesses for decorative purposes. The City of Clovis then had to change their watering practices in terms of watering grass next to commercial buildings and along city streets. 

City staff has been in the process of “significantly decreasing” their watering practices throughout the city, while also attempting to maintain at best their streetside grass. The City has also made it a priority to preserve the health of trees across the town. There has been and will continue to be City crews working with sprinklers and making adjustments as they come along. However, the City does warn there will be amounts of dead grass in areas throughout the City. 

They also would like to remind the public that while the City as an entity falls under the water conservation regulations, homeowners are still allowed to water freely on permitted watering days. The new water conservation regulations do not include watering of grass by household residents or grass used for recreation or community activities. Schools and parks in Clovis will continue to be watered as to what is accepted. 

The City issued that the Department of Water Resources has been working on a turf replacement program in order to assist businesses on strategies to combat the water conservation regulations that seemingly come every summer. 

The City of Clovis also mentioned that maintaining landscaping, which includes the watering of trees and weed abatement will also continue. This of course means where dead grass may show up, treatment will most likely be offered in order to curtail the advancements. 

If you have more questions and would like to speak to the City, they are ready with a phone line at (559) 324-2600 to answer any and all questions that may relate to this matter. 

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