City of Clovis Opens New Drop-Off Center

Located at 79 N. Sunnyside Avenue in Clovis, a new drop-off center for hazardous wastes was opened approximately around October 11th.

Ivette Rodriguez, Solid Waste Manager for the City of Clovis’ Public Utilities Department, first explained that items allowed for disposal at their site include latex and oil based paints, fluorescent light bulbs, batteries, used motor oil, and antifreeze.

The site does not accept all hazardous wastes. Rodriguez explained that Fresno County has a permanent household hazards facility, and they will accept all items that the Clovis location would not.

Items not accepted by the Clovis location include chlorine, chemicals used around the house, pesticides, gasoline, tires, or aerosol paint cans.

The site itself was created as a partnership with the Fresno County Works and Planning Department as they saw a need for a more convenient location of drop-off for hazardous wastes. Rodriguez explained that “…once you have a permanent facility, you can network for drop off sites like ours.” Rodriguez also explained that the site is a more convenient way of dropping off multiple hazardous wastes in one location.

Two city employees working at the site, Daniel York and Andres Barraza stated that their main priority is to make sure that when civilians come to drop off their hazardous wastes, they stay safe and more importantly stay in their vehicle. They will inspect the items brought, place accepted items onto a cart, and then dispose of the items in a holding area. Other third parties then stop by the site and transfer the wastes onto their facilities.

The employees also mentioned that in the prior two weeks of being opened, the site has had a lot of paint drop-offs, while also having oil, antifreeze and battery drop-offs. “Paint is something that definitely accumulates overtime.”

It is recommended that one comes early to the drop off site, which opens at 9 am, and to remain safe when pulling into the driveway off of busy Sunnyside avenue. It is also recommended that items for disposal be placed in the trunk of the vehicle for easier access when transferring.

Ivette Rodriguez reverberated, “It’s important for residents to know that they don’t need to get out of their vehicle. It’s very convenient. The other locations mentioned you have to get out, carry the items in. It’s important to know [here] you can stay in your vehicle.”

The site is open Tuesday-Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm. The Fresno County drop off site is scheduled to open in November.

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