Central Valley Veterans present ‘Veterans Game Fest’ fundraiser

The Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 933 are hosting a new kind of fundraiser coming up next week that may attract a unique kind of audience.

The Veterans group will be hosting a “Veterans Game Fest” in which games will be played throughout the entire weekend of July 7th-9th. 

Created by Alex Fabros and held at the Clovis Veterans Memorial District, this Veterans Game Fest will include games such as Dungeons and Dragons, “Team Yankee” a military board game, and “Age of Sigmar” a fantasy wargame.

These few examples will be alongside the likes of other role playing, fantasy, historical and military games in addition to other card games. 

The Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 933 sponsors Veterans Game Fest 2023 to raise funds for its Junior ROTC program scholars, returning veterans at Fresno State University, and other veterans’ rehabilitation programs.

100% of the net proceeds will be used for these programs.

Junior ROTC scholars will be present at the event volunteering their time either hosting games or helping out with other tasks. 

On the listed attendees, Brent Burdine, leader of the Game Fest says, “Some are board games, some are variety, and they belong to different clubs and things. They kind of all got together to say, ‘Hey we can kinda have a gaming convention’.”

Burdine also hopes that with the proposed success of this year’s event, Chapter 933 can hold a similar event next year.

With any success, funds raised in terms of registrations to games, attendance, and purchases of food and drink which will be supplied at the Game Fest, will provide the Junior ROTC program with scholarships for future opportunities.  

Tickets to the event cost $25 for a day pass and $40 for an entire weekend pass. With even a two day attendance, a $40 ticket pays at a discount compared to the $25 day pass. There will also be raffle prizes and other opportunities to win prizes. 

Tournaments will be held during the weekend, and Burdine expects plenty of spectators for these events. “I think part of it [why people show up] is simple curiosity. If you don’t know what sort of games you like or are interested in, we have a wide variety of games.”

“This is open to the public, and with our clubs and our leagues, these aren’t anything secret or exclusive. They’re all open to the public anytime.”

Brent Burdine hopes that the public will take the time next weekend July 7-9th to come out to the Veterans Memorial District and embark in something that may be even a bit foreign to them.

Knowing that attendees will be accepted with open arms however is a positive for both Burdine and the Veterans Game Fest as a whole. 

“We’ll have flyers and an information table, and hopefully [the public] can make connections to local game shops.”

The Veterans Game Fest begins Friday July 7th from Noon-10:00 PM, continues on July 8th from 9 AM-10 PM, and concludes on Sunday July 9th from 9 AM-6 PM.

To register, host a game, or host a tournament, please visit the Veterans Game Fest website at www.vetgamefest.org

JT is a recent college grad with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. He is mainly interested in sports and entertainment but covers a wide array of subjects. He currently writes for the Fresno State Baseball Dugout Club. JT looks forward to continuing his career at the Clovis Roundup and is excited to be working closely with a community that is very proud of its people.