Celebrate Memorial Day Virtually with CVMD

The community is invited to honor all of our fallen heroes Monday, May 25th, 2020 as the Clovis Veterans Memorial District (District) hosts its first ever virtual Memorial Day.

The District usually hosts a large event which brings together thousands of community members. However due to the current health crisis, it was decided to host a virtual celebration in order to keep our community safe while remaining true to the District’s mission to honor our nation’s fallen heroes by leveraging a virtual platform.

The Chairman of the Board stated, “This is certainly different than we’ve done in the past but no less meaningful than anything we’ve done before.”

The District will be hosting a watch party through their Facebook (www.facebook.com/cvmdistrict) page with a video that is a virtual replica of the Patriotic Concert they host every year. The watch party will be hosted at 9AM, 12PM, and 5PM on Facebook.

The program includes Branch songs, patriotic marches recorded by the Clovis Community Band, a recording of the poem In Flander’s Fields, and more. The District has prepared a virtual Women in the Military exhibit which will display military uniforms from different eras and more. They have various crafts and activities for the whole family to educate on the history and meaning of Memorial Day.

There will also be an opportunity to receive a prize through the completion of a virtual scavenger hunt to locate items on their website. The exhibit, crafts, and scavenger hunt can all be found on their website www.cvmdistrict.org.


In Clovis, it is a tradition to honor our veterans and remember those who died in defense of our nation to protect our way of life. This Memorial Day, the District hopes that you take a moment to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.

District CEO Lorenzo Rios said, “1% of our nation answers the call to duty to protect our country and way of life. We will never forget their sacrifice and that of their family’s.”

Although the District is celebrating Memorial Day differently this year, they continue to honor our fallen heroes and create opportunities to bring the community together to share what it means to serve.