Career Technical Education (CTE) Night Held by CUSD

Onlookers congregate at CUSD’s CTE Night. Held at the Clovis Veterans Memorial District, students from different CTE programs in CUSD got the chance to advertise their groups to a large audience. (Photo JT Gomez, Clovis Roundup)

January 24, 2023:  Clovis Unified held its annual Transition Student Leadership Conference on Tuesday morning, January 24th.

This conference was one of several targeted leadership conferences held by the district that “provides role models, mentoring and key information about future school and career opportunities for student groups who may need additional encouragement and support.”

According to CUSD, recently, a Clovis North graduate who was recently sworn in as a new local law enforcement officer publicly thanked a former Clovis North teacher, noting how attending a CUSD Leadership Conference allowed him to “start envisioning his future.”

Those students who attended the conference on Tuesday morning, then visited a breakout session of Clovis Unified’s CTE Showcase.

Here, demonstrations of student classes included welding, nursing, construction and engineering.

Conducted for visiting students, this Tuesday morning showcase acted as a precursor to CTE Night, held later that evening at the Clovis Veterans Memorial District.

This further showcase for Clovis Unified students and families was conducted in order to get more students to consider the District’s Career Technical Education (CTE) pathways that are available at every high school.

CUSD reported that this highly visual event would provide opportunities for student, parent and educator interviews as plenty of spectators were present for the event.

Exhibits and demonstrations from all of CUSD’s CTE programs, such as careers in public safety, robotics, ag mechanics, culinary arts, and others were performed for audiences live in what was meant to be an intimate, science fair setting.

With the large number of groups, however, scores of onlookers waited by tables hoping for the chance to speak with some of the more curious demonstrations.

All told, the CTE showcase displayed plenty at their CTE night  for viewers to collect insight on, and helped the push for further participants in their programs.

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