Can You Get Out of Debt This Year?

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Debt, above all, is stressful. If you have a mortgage, car payment, credit cards and other loans, you, like many Americans, are probably carrying a personal and family debt that is as big as you’ve ever seen –– the kind of debt that so many Americans have is very stressful and leads to angry arguments, and a sense of being overwhelmed.

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Here are some simple steps to take that can reduce your debt, and even get you debt-free faster than you think.

Start saving. Open a savings account at your Credit Union or bank. Develop an “emergency fund” for those times you’re overwhelmed and can’t pay your bills. A “rainy day” could come sooner than you think.

Create a budget. This is actually the No. 1 way to begin getting out of debt. Once your income and your debts are on a single page, you can see where your money comes from and where it’s going. Visually, a budget is reality, and it’s a good place to start trimming your expenses.

Organize and prioritize your debts. To map out a plan to pay off debt, you can draw up a list of all your debts from smallest to largest. If you increase your payments to the smallest debt, you’ll pay it off faster. This will give you a victory to celebrate and move on to the next-largest debt. Remember, this is only one way to reduce. You can learn more at the free Get Out of Debt seminar at Noble Credit Union’s Cedar and Nees branch on Wednesday, March 27 at 6 p.m.

Minimize added debt.  When possible, avoid adding credit card debt that you cannot pay off.  While using a rewards credit card that gives you cash back provides great value, some people find themselves dependent on the credit card, unable to pay it off.  If you use a credit card for expenses, keep an accurate account of your expenses, stay in budget, and pay off the card each month.

There’s no secret to successful money management. It takes planning, faith in yourself, and some self-discipline. In time you can be much better off.

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