Buchanan Captures Another Win in “The Big One”

Buchanan’s Wrestling team, ranked #3 in the nation beat Clovis High’s #19 ranked Wrestling team on Thursday night. (Photo credit, Buchanan Wrestling Twitter page, @BuchananEmpire)

Buchanan Wrestling faced off against Clovis High Wrestling in “the best wrestling in California” according to past Clovis Roundup Sports Journalist Gabe Camarillo.

“The Big One” as it has been nicknamed, featured a combined 26 wrestlers ranked in the top 10 of the state.

Held at Buchanan High School, the introduction to the wrestling matches were a scene to behold themselves, as after performances from cheer squads and a pyrotechnic show, Buchanan wrestlers walked out in navy bomber jackets so as to relate to the theme of the wrestling match that was “Top Gun”.

Buchanan ranked #3 in the nation and Clovis ranked at #19, spectators believed the tension to have amounted to a higher count than before, as Buchanan Wrestling has won each matchup with Clovis High since 2015.

And that would be no different on Thursday night, as the dual would end in a 38-18 total points win for the Buchanan High wrestling team.

After the matches completion, Buchanan’s Wrestling Twitter profile tweeted, “Grateful for incredible administration and top notch parent support! Thank you for making Buchanan Wrestling what it is!”

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