Buchanan Bears Alumni takes on Clovis West Golden Eagles Alumni

Recently, an email was sent to the Editor at Clovis Roundup calling for further members of the Buchanan Graduating Class of 2002 to come forward. The Graduating Class is having a 20-Year High School Reunion on Saturday October 1st at the Grand Ballroom in downtown Fresno.

Buchanan’s Class of 2002 has also opened up their 20-Year Reunion to the Class of 2001 since they were unable to partake in their reunion due to COVID concerns.

According to Buchanan Alumnus Markus Bishop Hill, Buchanan High School coincidentally plays their biggest rival from the 2002 season, the Clovis West Golden Eagles, the night before the Class of 2002’s reunion, September 30th.

But not only do the Bears take on the Golden Eagles, Clovis West’s Graduating Class of 2002 is also having their 20-Year Reunion the day after the game on October 1st, the same day as Buchanan’s Graduating Class of 2002’s Reunion. Clovis West’s Reunion will be held at Moravia Winery in Fresno.

Bishop Hill states that all alumni are encouraged to attend the game and that there should be alumni sections for each school on their respective sides.

The hopes are, even as rivals, that Buchanan High and Clovis West Alumni will show up for each of their sides at both the football game and their reunions to support their fellow and future alumni. However, the question on competition remains: How many alumni will show for support versus how many will show out of pure rivalry?

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