BREAKING: Three Candidates for CUSD Board Seats Formally Introduce Selves at Board Meeting

At Clovis Unified School District’s latest school board meeting, three candidates for seats on the school board formally introduced themselves to the board and the public. 

Two candidates running for Trustee Area 1’s vacancy, Samantha Bauer and Joanne Burton, mentioned the fact that they simply wanted to formally introduce themselves to the board through the Public Presentation portion of the school board meeting.

They recognized that there were no other avenues available in order to do so at Wednesday’s school board meeting. 

The third candidate, Bill Whitmore, running for the District 6 vacant seat, relayed to the school board that he has lived in District 6 for over forty years.

He then went on to say that he plans to “preserve those standards of excellence” that he believes Clovis Unified legend Doc Buchanan was once quoted saying. 

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