Black Friday Shopping Returns

Local Black Friday shoppers Mark and Kim Ashworth. (Karl Cooke Jr./Clovis Roundup)

Black Friday shopping this year was reminiscent of pre-COVID times. Shopping centers and retail stores across Clovis were filled with residents looking to get the best deals on their holiday shopping.

Clovis residents woke up early to begin their Christmas shopping after celebrating Thanksgiving the previous day. However, this year there were some changes. On Thanksgiving, major retail stores decided to stay closed or close up earlier for the holiday. Instead, they would open up early Friday morning.

With last year’s Black Friday being nearly non-existent due to COVID-19, residents were glad to go shopping in-person for Christmas gifts.

Mark and Kim Ashworth were happy to be back in stores for their holiday shopping.

“It feels nice,” Kim said. “It feels a little more freeing I think.”

The couple was more excited to celebrate the holidays with their family this year. As Mark stated, “We’re not as worried about anything.”

Black Friday is not only an annual shopping event, but can be a tradition for some families.

Logan Thao, a Black Friday shopper of 10 years, talked about the differences in shopping between last year and this year.

“Last year was more quarantine stuff because of COVID, but the restrictions have been lifted a little bit,” Thao said. “It’s much more easier to come out here and come back to Black Friday shopping with all the…basically like a Christmas joy.”

While there is some progress with people shopping in stores, online shopping and supply shortages have become a factor in the lack of residents purchasing at local retailers.

While waiting for his wife outside Bath & Body Works at Sierra Vista Mall, Mike Dennette expressed his worry about local businesses this Black Friday.

“It definitely impacts the businesses,” Dennette said. “I think the ones that are able to offer things online are going to do ok, but anything that’s local or even family owned that doesn’t have that opportunity, it’s going to hurt them.”

Another shopping holiday is Small Business Saturday which takes place the day after Black Friday. It is a day to recognize and to help local and family owned businesses keep their doors open by shopping and dining at local establishments in the Clovis community.

For those who want online shopping deals, Cyber Monday will be taking place on Monday, Nov. 29th.

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