Bananas Found in Peculiar Places in Old Town Clovis

Bananas were found in various locations throughout Old Town Clovis this past weekend. (Photo Contributed by Karen Medeiros)

The Clovis Roundup was recently contacted about bananas in Old Town Clovis! Yes, bananas.

Karen Medeiros, an RN with the American Red Cross and from Fair Oaks, were in Old Town over the weekend with colleagues when they came upon bananas.
According to Medeiros, these bananas were placed in various places all over Old Town.

“The bananas were everywhere, in trees, coming out of drain pipes, over door handles it was really hysterical. We walked the whole downtown area eating our ice cream laughing at their placement. Someone had a great sense of humor.” said Medeiros.

Medeiros and her colleagues were in town doing state certification testing for CNA students at Clovis Adult Education. They are in Clovis frequently for state testing for the school.

“We love Clovis, it’s downtown stores, restaurants, ice cream parlor. Everyone is so friendly and eager to help.” said Medeiros. “Our evening walk brought many laughs! We are wondering what or who was responsible and even why?”

That is the question that remains, who is responsible for the bananas and why?

Did anyone experience or take notice of the bananas while in Old Town Clovis over the weekend?

The Roundup would love it if the person or party responsible would like to provide a statement. If so, please contact the Clovis Roundup at (559) 324-8757 or email us,