Away for the Holidays? Clovis PD is Offering Free House Checks

The Clovis Police Dept. is offering residents free house checks. Patrol volunteers will check a resident’s home who are planning to be away for the holidays.

To sign up, a person must:

  • Sign up at least a week in advance.
  • Only sign up if you’ll be gone for more than 4 days.
  • Check out important video on how to submit the request using the Clovis PD’s mobile app!
  • You can also sign up on our website, here:

Things the Clovis PD will need to know:

  • The dates you’ll be away from home.
  • Any pets or vehicles left behind.
  • Name of person(s) watching your home/local contact, if anyone.
  • Any services to be done while you’re away (gardening, pool service…)
  • Any lights/things left on.
  • Your contact info while you’re away.