Agrian CEO receives PrecisionAg award

Agrian’s Nishan Majarian was named Crop Adviser/Entrepreneur of the Year by PrecisionAg. COURTESY OF AGRIAN

Agrian co-founder and CEO Nishan Majarian was recently named Crop Adviser/Entrepreneur of the Year for his efforts in merging agriculture and technology.

Majarian received the honor as part of the PrecisionAg Awards of Excellence program held during the InfoAg Conference (July 17-19) in St. Louis.

As a software company, Agrian develops internet-based crop tracking and reporting systems while focusing on five pillars: precision, agronomy, sustainability, analytics and compliance.

“You see all these silos breaking down,” Majarian said in an interview with PrecisionAg. “What does the grower need? What does the agronomist in the field need? They just need a simple, consistent platform by which to manage all of these things. So they don’t do compliance in one tool and agronomy in another tool, and precision ag in a different tool. They’ve got a tool that provides them a workflow that addresses all of these needs. That’s what we focus on.”

Majarian and his team opened a Clovis facility last summer to develop technology and provide support to customers.

Today, Agrian boasts the largest manufacturer indemnified crop protection database with over 11,000 products supported by more than 350 manufacturers.

Since 2007, 50 individuals and organizations have been honored through the Awards of Excellence program.