Clovis Veterans Memorial District hosts “Spooktacular” event

Pictured are girl police officer – Kira Boardwell (7)
boy firefighter – Kaden Cherrington (2) (Photo by Brianda Lemus – Caballos, Clovis Roundup)

Clovis – Spooktacular celebrates another year of festivities on Oct. 29. A safe place for children to trick or treat and an event to honor our veterans.

Spooktacular may start the trend of trick or treating during the day. Children dressed in unique costumes this Halloween season at the Clovis Veteran Memorial District.

Spooktacular began in 2018 inside the Memorial District. It was not until the pandemic that they decided to take trick or treating outside. As the weather began to change, hosting it during the day was a perfect way for children to enjoy Halloween multiple days of the week.

Spooktacular is an event for children to enjoy candy while learning about the organizations in their community. Many organizations volunteer to be a part of this event every year.

Once the children arrived, they received a scavenger hunt sheet. As they went around each booth, they received a stamp. Once all stamps were collected, they were able to win a prize. Planning for this event happens all year round as they come up with ideas to make next year’s Spooktacular even better.

“Children get to see what I believe are the true heroes, ordinary people who do extraordinary things for a belief and defense of a way of life,” said Lorenzo Rios as he described the meaning of this event. “Them interacting here and participating, I think, is special.”

Lorenzo Rios is the CEO of the Clovis Veterans Memorial District. As a veteran, he has a passion for honoring those who serve and always finding a way to honor those who have served.

Throughout the event, there were many booths by the veteran organization and many other organizations here in Clovis; Center Stage, Boy Scouts, CHP, Airforce, and many more.

“As you walk around here, you will see the diverse section of our community,” said Rios. “The kids get to play these games, get some candy, and also learn about activities and opportunities beyond this event.”

Spooktacular is not the only event the CVMD hosts, during Christmas they host “The Children’s Electric Parade,”  “Here Comes Santa” and a “Winter Wonderland Holiday Dance’ for all the community.

Tom Wright, Chairman of the CVMD, mentioned that the mission within Spooktacular and any other event hosted here is for veterans to be honored and remembered. The veteran committees meet monthly to plan future events for the community.