About Us

About us

Our Clovis Roundup was born by accidental necessity. With the old Clovis Independent changing ownership and eventually dying, a need arose for a dedicated Clovis news source. Along came Veteran Marine Kenny Melchor and his wife Donna, both with backgrounds in print advertising and a lifelong love of our city. They took a chance that people in Clovis and the surrounding mountain communities would embrace a fresh outlook on news. Just like that, a husband and wife news team was born. Kenny sells the vision and Donna manages the layout. Both having family roots in our valley, it seemed a natural fit. The Melchor’s believe a paper should be free for all to read and at the same time keeping advertising rates well below market costs. This allows small businesses to compete in a corporate world. In a time where daily newspapers are becoming extinct, the Clovis Roundup is beating the odds, she’s growing every issue thanks to local business and public support. The concept was for a betterment of people, to share interesting and uplifting stories, to bolster community pride. Our rich Valley stories are best told by its people, people that live and work here, people that care about the “Clovis Way of Life” and its historic preservation.

Awards and Accreditations

  • 2018 CNPA California Journalism Awards - Best Featured Story, 1st Place
  • 2018 CNPA California Journalism Awards - Sports Layout and Design, 3rd Place
  • 2016 George F. Gruner Award - Best Photo, Honorable Mention
  • 2016 George F. Gruner Award - Best Sports Story, Honorable Mention
  • 2014 Spirit of Clovis Award presented by the Clovis Hall of Fame
  • Accredited Member of California News Publishers Association (CNPA)
  • Clovis Chamber's 2012 Business Woman of the Year - Donna Melchor

Meet the Team

Donna Melchor

Owner/Publisher dmelchor@clovisroundup.com

Donna Melchor is the owner and publisher of the Clovis Roundup. Her love and passion for the City of Clovis and its people is the inspiration behind this publication. For her dedication, Donna Melchor has also been honored as the 2012 Business Woman of the Year and as the recipient of the 2014 Spirit of Clovis award held by the Clovis Hall of Fame.

Billy Xiong

Operations ads@clovisroundup.com

Billy Xiong started with Clovis Roundup shortly after the newspaper began. When he first came on board, he was only contracted to design ads for a small handful of clients. Today, he manages all operations from ad design, web content, to producing and editing videos. He is happily married to Tracie and has two children: Daughter Emery and son Nixon.

Daniel Leon

Editor-in-Chief editor@clovisroundup.com

A native of Woodlake, Daniel Leon is a recent graduate of Fresno State with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism. Daniel served as Sports Editor at The Collegian, Fresno State’s student-run newspaper, prior to joining the Roundup. He looks forward to serving the Clovis community and sharing your stories.

Paul Meadors

Sports Editor paulmeadors@gmail.com

Paul Meadors is a man of many talents. He is a elementary school teacher, Junior High athletic director, and basketball coach in Traver, CA, in addition to serving as the Sports Editor for the Clovis Roundup. He is also the author of the humorous book “Letters to eBay,” and he has recorded a piano album of his own compositions titled “Surviving the Storm.” He lives in Fresno with wife Lori and daughters Georgie, Alex and Ruthie.

Caitie Reeg

Office Administrator craccounts@clovisroundup.com

Caitie Reeg is our wonderful Office Administrator and daughter of Donna Melchor. She handles all our administrative duties in and around the office. She is also the founder of Get Fit Clovis, a community outreach group that encourages a healthy way of life. She has an amazing personality and outlook on life. We are truly blessed to have her on our team.

Valerie Shelton

Reporter valerie.nevens@gmail.com

Valerie is an award-winning journalist with the Clovis Roundup. Prior to joining the Clovis Roundup, Valerie worked for Mid Valley Publishing as the editor of the Fowler Ensign, and before that, as the editor of The Parlier Post, The Orange Cove and Mountain Times, and recently - a reporter for The Business Journal. She currently lives in Fresno with her husband Ben.

Tomas Kassahun

Reporter kassahuntomas@gmail.com

Tomas has been with us since 2016. His willingness to always step up to the plate and his diversity in reporting is what makes him special to us. Whether it is sports, city council meetings, board meetings, profiles, or breaking news - this guy can do it all.

Carole Grosch

Writer/Reporter carole266@gmail.com

Carole Grosch has been writing and reporting with the Roundup for over 7 years. She is a seasoned veteran reporter with tons of experience and knowledge. She is a great asset to our team and we love her!

Michael Ford

Reporter fsbulldog17@mail.fresnostate.edu

Michael is our Summer intern. He is currently attending Fresno State majoring in Mass Communication and Journalism. He serves as the sports editor for The Collegian, Fresno State's student newspaper.

Michael Avila

Sales Representative mavila@clovisroundup.com

Michael joined our team in January 2018 and has since been a big factor in helping us grow our company. He not only brings in over a decade of print advertising experience but also his light and fun personality. We're happy to have him.

Marvin Stickler

Sales Representative

Marvin is no stranger to Clovis, especially in Old Town. He's one of the hardest working person we know and at 85 years old, he still walks the streets with a big smile doing what he loves, sales.

Peg Bos

Contributor - Clovis Museum pbos@clovis-museum.com

Peg Bos is the president of the Clovis Museum on 4th and Pollasky avenues in Old Town Clovis. She not only manages the museum but she also writes her Let's Talk Clovis column in our publication which features and highlight the amazing history of our city and culture. One fun fact about Peg Bos, she was the first female mayor of Clovis from 1984-86.

April Blankinship

Contributor - Police Log of Shame aprilblankinship@yahoo.com

April Blankinship has been a contributing writer of our famous Police Log of Shame since 2011. The logs are loosely based on actual weekly police logged events. However, the events supplied come with minimum data such as times, charges and some minor details. April's imagination does the rest!

Don Curlee

Contributor - Ag at Large agwriter1@aol.com

Don Curlee is your man when it comes to Agriculture. His Ag at Large column in our publication is sure to inform you on what you need to know when it comes to the agricultural industry.

Paul Hinkle

Contributor - Central Valley Motorsports clovisparkinthepark@gmail.com

Paul Hinkle is a car enthusiast and car show promoter. His column features local legends in motorsports as well as car shows and events.

Dick Nichols

Contributor - Shaver Lake Fishing Report dickchip@netptc.net

Dick Nichols has been with us since the beginning. With decades of experience, he writes and provide insights about the Shaver Lake fishing game.