Welding Technician Program celebrates one year anniversary at IOT

IOT Clovis celebrates one year anniversary of wielding program. (Courtesy of Institute of Technology)

The Welding Technician Program at the Institute of Technology recently celebrated its one year anniversary. Clovis Roundup recently spoke with David Melford, the welding program director and program instructor.

The program at IOT is nine months long and is separated into five-week modules. Melford created the curriculum. Classes are offered in the morning, afternoon, and evening in order to cater to different schedules. He explained, “We [at IOT] recognized that there is a need in the community and industry overall. And, there’s a shortage of skills in the welding industry.”

Students receive hands-on training and learn safety skills, how to properly use and take care of tools, metal characteristics, and receive professional development. Furthermore, career options for Welding Technician alumni include: professional welder; cutter; solderer; brazer; metal worker; and production occupations.

“One of the best things to see is when students graduate and get a job in the industry because that’s what they came here for. And, all the relationships you forge with the students that come through, it’s the best.”

Melford is hoping to add more aspects to the program; “We strive to get welders American Welding Society certified.”

He added, “The program is constantly evolving, and different equipment always comes in. We have a lot of fun and it’s such a great bunch of people.”