Warning to consumers of potential scams during AB 60 license process

Implementation of Assembly Bill 60 has the potential to improve safety and decrease the number of uninsured motorists on California roads. Unfortunately, with this historic opportunity to license undocumented immigrants in California, it is also expected that criminals will attempt to scam these new drivers.

“It is essential that consumers take the time to educate themselves on what insurance is necessary and appropriate for them,” said Commissioner Dave Jones. “The department’s goal is to prevent anyone from losing their license due to a lack of insurance or as a result of a scam.”

Consumers are encouraged to check the license status of insurance agents or brokers on the California Department of Insurance website or call the consumer hotline at 800-927-4357 for assistance. Experts advise that if at any time you feel pressured to purchase an insurance policy, trust your instincts and do not sign anything. Scammers often rely on high-pressure sales tactics and consumers not asking trusted friends or family for advice or assistance.

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