Want a Green Lawn? A HERO is On The Way

By Craig Bettencourt, Grass Creations | Contributed

With the drought situation in California, folks are taking a serious look into synthetic lawns as one alternative to natural grass. 

We are all looking at our yards in a different regard than we did, even just a year or two ago. 

Like the grim reaper, the drought is indiscriminate. It seeks to take all that is in its path. There is no immunity card to play. There is no peace treaty to be signed.  It comes in like a mighty force, leaving a wake of brown destruction as your green grass is claimed as a spoil of war. 

We all must face the fact that our relationship with our lawns, as we knew them, is changed.  Homeowners are emotional creatures. We have far too great an investment of time, sweat, money, and tears into our yards to let them go quietly into that good night.

So you’ve looked into synthetic lawn as a means of cheating death and ending the suffering of your current lawn. 

Many folks I consult with believe in Grass Creations as a company, love the benefits, and can live with some of the shortcomings inherent in synthetic turf.  However, due to the initial investment, it’s requiring some additional consideration. 

Well, thanks to the HERO, (Home Energy Renovation Opportunity), program homeowners now have access to government endorsed funding for energy and water conservation projects.

In short, HERO has partnered with the Pace Program.  It allows homeowners with 10 percent equity in their home to finance eligible energy efficient, water efficient, and renewable energy products and pay them back bit by bit through their property taxes. HERO finances 100 percent of the cost to purchase and install eligible products. The low and fixed interest rates have amortization periods of five or 10 years for turf. 

Unlike other financing options, there are no credit score requirements and repayments are made through your property taxes, with the interest, and principal in some situations, being tax deductible. Your tax preparer can help you determine the best solution for you. This allows you to leverage the loan against any tax liability, as opposed to a traditional bank loan. Additionally, if the property is sold before the HERO assessment is paid in full, the remaining payments can legally be passed on to a new property owner.

If you’ve considered going synthetic and are looking for an affordable solution, HERO may be able to do just that. The approval process is very easy. Just visit www.heroprogram.com, enter basic information, if you so choose, select Grass Creations Inc. as your contractor and you could have approval in just a matter of minutes.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please call 475-7700 and the experts at Grass Creations can help provide the best solution to your particular needs or wants.  We have a broad range of options based upon your unique situation.