Vehicle Theft Cases on the Rise According to Clovis PD

Clovis PD has reported a rise in vehicle theft cases in the last few weeks due to the holiday season. (File Photo)

With the holiday shopping season here, theft cases are on the rise. In the last two weeks alone, 40 cases of theft from vehicles and vehicle burglaries have been reported. Comparing to the month of October’s 47 cases according to the Clovis Police Dept.

According to the cases, there is no specific area that is being targeted. Thefts are occurring all throughout the city.

(Courtesy of Clovis PD)

Here are some helpful tips from the Clovis PD:

  • Call Clovis PD to report a crime. Officer staffing and patrols are partially based on crime stats, and we need to know where crimes are occurring.
  • Be proactive! Keep an eye out for your property and your neighbors. You recognize who comes and goes in your neighborhood better than anyone else.
  • Always lock your vehicle.
  • Never leave items in public view inside your vehicle, or your home.
  • The use of security cameras like Ring doorbell cameras are very helpful. Check recordings if you know a neighbor has been the victim of a crime. Your camera(s) may have the suspect or their vehicle!
  • Apps such as “Nextdoor” and “Neighbors” help you stay informed with crime in and around your area! They are free to download.
  • Packages and mail delivered to your door step or mailbox should be placed inside ASAP. If that’s not possible, leave delivery special delivery instructions. You may also be able to have it delivered to a trusted neighbor who will be home during the day, or to work if your employer allows it. Amazon lockers are also a good tool.
  • Use outside motion or other lights to deter criminals at night. They like hiding!
  • Call 911 to report a crime in progress or other emergency.

The Clovis Police Dept. is encouraging residents to stay vigilant and be active if they see any suspicious activities, do not hesitate to call the Clovis Police Dept. at (559) 324-2800 to report non-emergencies such as crimes that have already occurred.