Valley Air Officials Warn of Bad Air Quality

Valley Air District officials are advising Valley residents to limit outdoor activity due to bad air quality until next week. (Twenty20photos/Envato Elements)

San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District officials are advising residents to limit outdoor activity due to bad air quality.

This is due to the current cold, dry, and stagnant weather conditions. PM 2.5 emissions (particular matter pollution) are expected to accumulate through until next week.

“Stable conditions like those we are currently experiencing are one of the main challenges the San Joaquin Valley faces during the winter months,” said Jaime Holt, Valley Air District Chief Communications Officer. “This causes residential wood smoke to stay in your neighborhood, impacting the health of you and your neighbors.”

Residential wood burning is one of the largest threat to neighborhood air quality and public health as it is also the largest source of PM 2.5 emissions.

In order to prevent air pollution from reaching unhealthy levels, Valley Air officials is asking residents to avoid any use of wood burning. This also includes any outdoor wood burning such as fire pits and outdoor fireplaces.

Officials are also advising residents to comply with the Check Before You Burn Program which runs from November 1 through to the end of February. The program provides daily air quality information indicating if wood burning is allowed on certain days.

Residents who have no access to natural gas or where wood burning is their only source of heat are exempted. However, outdoor burning devices are subject to some restrictions.

For daily burn information, visit or call 1-800-766-4463.