Updates on Historic Preservation Committee from Clovis City Council

February 15, 2023:  With what wasn’t necessarily started by, but was definitely catalyzed by Clovis citizens fighting to keep the Carnegie Library alive, a Historic Preservation Committee is to be officially formed after Monday’s City Council meeting.

Also discussed at an earlier July meeting, the Clovis City Council declared on Monday that by each council member choosing two members for the committee, a ten member committee will be formed that will serve in the preservation of historic buildings and landmarks throughout Clovis.

Much like any other committee, it was announced that this Historic Preservation Committee would come back to council to report on certain items and identify properties that could be historic.

These tasks, identified by the City Council, would be given to these ten members of the public that either live in Clovis, work in Clovis, own property or have a significant stake in the vested interest of the historical side of Clovis.

The next steps for this process also depend on the City Council as each of the five members look to choose at least one member of the public with a maximum of two members, to be nominated as their selections to this Historic Preservation Committee.

They are hopeful to bring these names to council chambers by their next meeting, February 21st.

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