Two Arrested after Car Chase ends at Clovis Community Hospital

(CR File Photo)

On Wednesday afternoon, November 20, two men were arrested after a car chased that ended at Clovis Community Hospital.

A Fresno Police motorcycle officer first noticed the Mercedes smoking. The officer also noticed expired registration tags after pulling behind the vehicle.

When attempted to pull the vehicle over, the driver of the Mercedes fled. As the chase ensued, the vehicle was traveling to speeds of up to 90 miles-an-hour and running red lights.

For safety precautions, police called off the chase while Fresno County Sheriff’s Eagle 1 helicopter continued the pursuit.

The suspects would eventually abandon their vehicle in the parking garage of Clovis Community Hospital and fled into the hospital. After a brief search, the suspects were arrested.

Authorities would learn that the driver had no driver’s license and his accomplice was on parole. Both were arrested on multiple felony charges. The Mercedes was impounded.