Tract Map Approved for New Development

The Clovis Planning Commission has approved a tract map for a new housing development in the area of Temperance and Palo Alto. (Courtesy of Clovis Planning Commission)

The Clovis Planning Commission has approved a tract map for a new development of single lot family homes during their final meeting of 2021 on Thursday, Dec. 16.

The seven lot development will be located on the east side of Temperance at Palo Alto Avenue. The development that the map is made for is on approximately 1.7 acres. The development will be surrounded with homes of similar uses.

The development comes in at a density of 4.12 dwelling units per acre. This is within the permitted density range of the land use and zoning designation.

The map proposed also meets all configuration standards of the R-1 zone district it’s located in. This means that a general plan amendment or rezone is not needed with the map proposal.

Each lot are required to be, at minimum 6,000 square feet. The lots are average of 8,162 square feet.

According to Assistant Planner Kelsey George, “Once the final map is approved and recorded, each individual house will be reviewed at the time Building Permits are submitted for conformance with the R-1 zone development standards.”

The Planning Commission voted unanimously to approve the Tract Map for this new development.

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