Tooth fairy game widens kids’ cultural perspective

Tiffany Reimer shows the Passport 4 Change world map to two students. The point of the game is to help kids broaden their perspective of the world. (Contributed photo)

Tiffany Reimer once asked her 5-year-old niece where she would go if she could go anywhere in the world.

The 5-year-old’s response?


At that point, Reimer was worried that her niece would grow up with a narrow perspective of the world.

“Her world is very small, so I wanted to inspire her and I wanted to make her world bigger and let her know that anything is possible,” Reimer said.

That night Reimer went home and gathered the foreign coins which she collected during her 18 years of traveling the world as a flight attendant.

On each coin, she wrote something special about the country. Along with the coins, Reimer embroidered a specialized tooth fairy pillow and a colorful world map. She then gave all these things to her sister.

A few months later, Reimer’s niece called to say that her first tooth had just fallen out and the tooth fairy had brought her a coin from England.

“Not only was she excited about her coin, she was able to point out England on her own map of the world,” Reimer said.

When she then lost her second tooth, the tooth fairy brought her a coin from China.

“This was extra special because her best friend in school was Chinese,” Reimer said.

Having traveled to more than 50 countries, Reimer said her goal is to use the tooth fairy game to teach kids about geography, time zones and currency exchange.

“It also opens up a dialog about different cultures and traditions,” she said. “My goal is to spark an interest in children about different cultures. I hope to build an understanding and celebrate our differences while bringing people together.”

Reimer is now selling the game on her website, In an effort of giving more, a portion of each sale goes toward study abroad programs for students.

As she continues with her job as a flight attendant, Reimer is taking the opportunity to promote the game around the world.

“There isn’t anything else like this out there on the market,” she said. “Once moms start learning about it, it’s going to catch on. I think they’re going to share it with their mom friends and their grandma friends. It’s a great gift.”

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