Tips to Stay Safe for the Holidays


Holiday shopping is already underway and with this in mind, residents need to be aware that at any time, they could be a victim of a crime.

The Clovis Police Department recently released guidelines and tips on how shoppers can stay safe. These involved both public retail stores and online shopping.

Some tips cite being both prepared and precautious. The tips state as follows:

  • Park in well lit areas at night.
  • Do not carry a large sum of cash.
  • Make sure purchased items aren’t visible in parked vehicles.
  • Hide PIN during purchase.
  • Be aware of skimming credit card devices on gas station pumps.
  • When shopping online, be sure to verify the website and only use secure payment methods.

Other tips released by Clovis PD involve being aware of your surroundings. Be sure to shop in groups as well as make any ATM transactions in a busy area to ensure thefts do not occur. When strangers are approaching towards your vicinity, be aware of their reasons for coming towards you.

For home safety, Clovis PD also provided tips during the holiday season:

  • Do not leave any new toys, tools, etc. unattended in an open yard or garage.
  • Do not place Christmas lights in front of surveillance cameras as this could prevent them from capturing any crimes on tape.
  • Gifts should not be visible through windows.
  • Do not leave any purchased items in plain sight in your vehicle.

Residents should make sure their homes are safe and secure with either outside lights/motion lights or have a trusted person in the home.

Residents should also be aware of any suspicious persons or vehicles in their neighborhood. Lock all doors and windows when leaving homes.

To prevent porch pirates, make sure all delivered packages are brought directly into the home as soon as possible.

If any of these incidents occur to you or if you see the event taking place, be sure to call the Clovis PD as soon as possible.

Sergeant Jim Koch states the importance of calling when a crime is spotted.

“If they see something that’s suspicious, don’t wait, call us, let us know about it right away,” Sgt. Koch said. “Sometimes people will see something and then an hour, 45 minutes later they’ll call and say ‘Hey I saw this occur.’ They need to call right away when they see stuff.”

Clovis residents and shoppers should keep these tips in mind to ensure a safe and happy holiday.

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