Time to Build a Project

Car show season is now upon us with April and May being the busiest months of the year for shows. With each event you attend, your vision of building a hot rod is growing. It is never too late to start a project. The deciding factors will be what to build, how you want to build it, how much you have budgeted to spend and your time factor.

When looking for that special project, you need to choose between a restoration or modified build. What will it cost to restore it to original condition? Are original parts available or can you find needed remanufactured parts? A modified project is often easier and less expensive.

Another big consideration is how much you can do yourself and how much you will need to have done by someone else. Do you have the appropriate tools and room to work on it in your garage or shop?

Once you have made the decision on a project be sure you gather as much information as you can. There are many resources available; other hot rod owners, web sites and magazines. If you don’t have a subscription to Street Rodder Magazine, I recommend that you subscribe. They have a lot of good articles on how to build a hot rod. You can get tips on building it from the ground up, from the frame all the way to bodywork and paint.

From my own experience, I had the frame made by a reputable builder. I wanted it to be engineered correctly and safe. If needed, you can find crate motors and transmissions in several speed shop catalogs.

With all the new body repair and paint products available, you may want to do your own body work and paint. You will save a lot of money if you choose a paint you can apply yourself. If looking at custom paints, you might want to find an experienced painter.

If building your own project seems overwhelming, shift gears and look for something out there that is for sale. There are a lot of projects out there waiting for you. You can find them in the early stage of the build all the way to the completed. Go out and find what you are looking for and join the Hot Rod Family.

April 21: Kingsburg Car Show
April 21: Fresno VA Car Show
April 22: Fresno State Around the World Car Show
April 27-29: Western Street Rod Nationals, Bakersfield
April 28: VW Spring Fling, Madera District Fairgrounds
April 28: Pan Draggers Start-n Summer Rod Run, Kingsburg Gun Club
April 28: Super Saturday Car Show, Castle Air Museum (Atwater)

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