Three board members sworn in at Clovis Veterans Memorial District

Incumbents Tom Wright and Susan Frantzich, along with newcomer August Flach, were the three members sworn in to The Clovis Veterans Memorial District Board on Thursday, Jan. 10. PHOTO BY RON SUNDQUIST/CLOVIS ROUNDUP

The Clovis Veterans Memorial District Board swore in three members on Thursday, Jan. 10  at the Veterans Memorial Building. Incumbents Tom Wright and Susan Frantzich, along with newcomer August Flach, took the Oath of Office for their four-year terms, which was administered by Sheriff Margaret Mims.

Clovis Veterans Memorial District CEO Lorenzo Rios said the community elected great leaders and the values of the community are represented in the votes.

“The community coming to show them support is indicative of what we’re going to see in the future, a relationship that echoes the values of our community,” Rios said.

Rios added that the elected leaders have shown impeccable character and a commitment to serve something much greater than themselves.

“They want to give the very best of themselves to make this community the very best to live in,” Rios said.  “The way they lead so well is by listening more than they talk and really encouraging the community to come forward, to share their perspective. Then they deliberate, they discern every decision to ensure what is best for the community.”

Rios said the key is to bring about a spirit of collaboration by bringing as many different views together.

“To make sure that there’s mutual respect across the board and understanding of what these issues are and the nuance in the complexity of the issue as well, being respectful as we engage in that civil and civic discourse,” Rios said.

The board members praised Rios for the work he has done to do grow the Veterans Memorial District.

“I’m humbled and honored. I’m surrounded with a great team of professionals here at the district and I am coached and mentored by so many community leaders,” Rios said. “It is easy to do something great when you are surrounded with excellence.”

Tomas Kassahun
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