The Body Building celebrates one year in Clovis

Owners Kasey and Amanda Kahl recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of The Body Building, a full body management and wellness facility. COURTESY OF THE BODY BUILDING

Amanda Kahl wanted to make a difference with her degrees in exercise science and kinesiology. She thought opening her own business as a personal trainer would help her achieve her dream.

Her husband Kasey was determined to help make that dream a reality. Kasey didn’t know initially know how they would achieve their goal, but the vision became more clear when he came across a vacant building in Clovis.

Kasey looked through the window of the store and knew that would be the birthplace of the dream.

“God instilled a complete vision in my heart,” Kasey said.

On Wednesday, Aug. 1, Kasey and Amanda invited the community to celebrate the one-year anniversary of The Body Building, located at 427 W Nees. Ave in Clovis. For the past year, The Body Building has been using advanced technology to provide whole body wellness.

As the crowd packed the building to join the anniversary celebration, the owners reminisced on the achievements of the past year and updated the public on what is still to come.

Kasey and Amanda said one of the main attractions right now is the Cryo Arctic Chamber, which offers full anti-aging and pain relief benefits.

The chamber has features that help rehabilitate the entire body by stimulating healing from the inside out.

“We want to make sure that every person suffering from physical pain hears about us,” the owners said. “Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional. Our goal is to end suffering for as many people as possible.”

The owners have especially included veterans in their goals, providing services to local veterans free of charge.

Another one of the main features at The Body Building is the Cocoon Wellness Pro Pod, which helps with weight loss, anti-aging, fitness and stress reduction. The machine works through components such as dry heat, vibration, massage, aromatherapy and Himalayan salt treatment with jade stones.

Kasey said he was determined to launch the business despite the hurdles he faced in the beginning. He said he was repeatedly turned down for loans and ended up opening about 15 credit cards.

“I knew that I wanted to do something different to help the Central Valley,” Kahl said.

The owners especially felt that they could a made difference in helping people overcome drug addiction.

“I wanted to fight this opioid epidemic,” Kasey said. “I wanted to have a natural, healthy alternative to opioid. People were handling people so many pills. I was like, ‘We gotta fight this.’ I risked everything. I put everything on the line. I started with nothing.”

The owners have plans of opening more locations in the Valley and helping many more people.

“I thank God everyday that we are here,” Kasey said. “It’s crazy. It’s our one-year anniversary. It’s a packed house. People can’t even find parking.”

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