Summer Art classes for Youth held at Clovis Senior Activity Center

Artist instructor, Kirk Cruz, explains how to use a color wheel as a tool. PHOTO BY CAROLE GROSCH/CLOVIS ROUNDUP

The Clovis Senior Activity Center can be a hub of learning for all ages. Take, for example, the two-hour 6 to 8 p.m. art classes held for students in third through sixth grades during June and August at the Center.

Classes are small and students get personal one-on-one attention from local artist and teacher Kirk Cruz.

“I do a lot of positive affirming,” says Cruz. “I want them to embrace their art, not compare it. There’s no reason to compare; everyone is unique! The hope of the program is to discover everyone’s uniqueness, to expand minds beyond the obvious.”

As the class gets underway, ambient background music generates a sense of calm that encourages creativity and relaxation. Young artists look at artwork, and while they are creating their own art with colored markers, they learn art terminology and get acquainted with the names and works of well-known artists like Jackson Pollock, Leonardo Da Vinci and Mark Rothko.

Moving from student to student, Cruz teaches and engages students with questions:

“That looks so balanced,” said Cruz regarding a drawing. “See how it looks like it keeps going? What is that called?”

“Expansion,” is the quick response.

To another student, Cruz says, “As you add more and more to your paper, it gets more exciting. I like what you’re doing there. Do you like it?”

Kids enjoy using colored markers. They’re fun, affordable and cleanup is quick and easy. Parents bring their children and often stay during the class.

“This creative aspect keeps you more open-minded,” observed one mother.

The next round of classes will be in August.

“I am hoping to do another ‘meet the instructor’ evening…where folks get a chance to ask questions about me and the program,” says Cruz.

For more information about the classes or to sign up, contact the Clovis Senior Activity Center at (559) 324-2750.